Website SEO

Website ScoreMost of the time we have been focusing our attention on our clients websites but sometimes forget that our own website ranks for certain keywords drop too.

So It’s about time we started updating our website to reflect changes in search engine optermisation especially with recent April Google update which lost a lot of rankings.

They keyword we will be focusing on this month is “Cornwall Website Design” a local area keyword that currently we are ranked 26th! Who will find us here? .. well a lot do but many more would find us on page 1.

1. The first thing we can do is to check our competitors websites that are listed on the first page for the keywords “Cornwall Website Design”. Then when we know which websites are, we can compare ours to see the differences.

2. Now that we have a list of the top 10 websites we can check to see how many of these include our keywords in their title and descriptions. Which will be most of them but we should check that we have included our keywords in some order.

3. Backlinks – These are always important and the more you have from relevant websites the better. There is many tools you can use to see how many back links you or your competitors have like: Now in our case we are not short of back links but by checking the site in position 1 has only 14 links in total which goes to show that have 14 good back links could be better than 200 average back links.

4. Keyword density – Sometime by having a keyword spammed across your website to many times can almost become spam and text becomes unreadable.  It’s always good to find a happy – medium. So we have changed our website content to help cut down on some words that have been repeated over time which also helps the website become more user friendly.

5. Social media! – One of those things we always plan to get around to doing but never quiet get there on a regular bases. We all know that using social media is a great way to get your website our there and shared among many users.

So I have made up a nice little table to show how the top ranked website compare to ours:


From the results it looks like we are going to need to be more activate on the social media front to boost our rankings.

To sum it up this month we will be working on changing our website content and focusing in on social media. Why we are on the subject why not like us on facebook and follows us on twitter!

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