how-to-increase-website-traffic-2Recently we have helped update to bring it from 1997 to 2013 which has now been complete but we are also helping them on the SEO of the website.

Currently they get around 3,000 hits a month which isn’t bad with an average of around 100 hits a day.

So what can we do to help with traffic?


The first step was to look at the current problems the old website had made sure these were resolved in the new website.

  1. The first problem was the fact the old site used iframes a very out-dated method which would have had a negative impact on the SEO of the website.
  2. Tittle tags need updating as currently they hold little to no keywords.
  3. Page content has little keywords and relevant search queries.
  4. No sitemap or image map.
  5. The link directory on the site would be having a negative impact on site rather than a positive one with the Google latest update.
  6. Little or no alt tags that had purpose on images.


  1. We have rebuilt the complete site for them using wordpress meaning it’s much easier to update the website and make changes. There is no longer any iframes which should give the website a better standing within SEO.
  2. We installed Yoast and all in one SEO plugin that will allow you to set a title and description for every page on the website.
  3. Included relevant keywords in the sites pages / content.
  4. Made a sitemap using and linked it to Google webmaster tools. Installed a plugin called Google XML Sitemap for Images which created a image site map and linked that to google webmaster tools.
  5. Redesigned the links directory so now it has more information and images of websites that are relevant to the vistors.
  6. Alt tags added to every image and set as recommend as per google.


Currently we won’t see the effects and work till a few months time but 197 out of 210 pages have been indexed and 210 out of 400 images have been indexed. To be continued..

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