Selling on eBay – A quick guide to creating a shop

ebaystoreSelling on eBay can be very easy way to start selling online or can go be another outlet to your own eCommerce store. It requires very little knowledge; eBay takes care of most of it for you so you can concentrate on getting your listings looking good.


Before eBay lets your create a shop online you need to have at least 10 feedback but most people these days will have brought at least 10 random items of eBay to gain some feedback, else you will need to start buying some items!

Then next thing you will need is a PayPal account setup and verified this can sometimes take a little time and you will need to add a bank account to your PayPal account so that it can be verified but once done the next steps are fairly smooth running.

Now you got all that out of the way you can start creating your shop first off you need to go to http://pages.ebay.com/storefronts/building.html and click the big blue button at the bottom that says “open your store now”. You will of course need to login but once you have done that you can then start adding the basics of your store such as the store name which you would call it something similar to your websites store name.

Once you have setup all the basic settings you can then go to the display settings for your shop this controls all the look of your site and you can include some graphics like your logo. I would recommend you use the colors of your website so that your shop and website coincide together.

Now you that you have gone through all the themes settings you can start to add your products but come up with a layout of your copy for your products that is clear and remember to mention anything that is important such as shipping times. People expect quick postage and if you provide it along with a good product they will leave good feedback which is very important.

Another thing is not to get sucked into all the featured listings and extra images, titles etc that you can add to products as all these things will add to your costs and take away your profits!

Hopefully if everything is done right you will start making some good sales. If you need any help setting up your store let us know.