5 Step Website Guide

5 Easy Steps To Getting Your Website

To give you an idea of the simple process of getting your website designed we have outlined 5 easy steps below.

  1. Free Demo Design – We can provide a free demo design emailed to you in a image format within 48hrs* of your request to give you an idea of what we can offer your business or choose a design that you have seen online.
  2. Free competitive Quote – If you are happy with the design we can provide you a free quote and if you wish to proceed, we require 40% deposit before we start that can be paid via an online secure payment method – Paypal.
  3. Sending the Information – Once the deposit is completed you can then send all the information to us via email or post and we will setup your website,hosting and domain name.
  4. Proofing Website – After the your website is completed we will upload it to a test directory on our server for you to proof and request any changes.
  5. Made Live – Once you’re happy we will then request the final payment and after receiving this your website and domain will be made live within 24hrs.

If you any questions regarding getting a website or would like any advice (we don’t bite) please don’t hesitate to contact us.


* demo designs can sometimes take longer during busy times.

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