So you have your new eCommerce website store setup and running so the sales should just start rolling in? This of course is wrong, with any new website you need to promote it else no one will ever find you. So how do you go about get hits and turning those hits in customers.

1. Word of Mouth

It’s often forgotten that word of mouth is very powerful and you should tell all your friends as the likely hood is they will tell some of the friends and the word will soon get around that they can now buy online direct from your website rather than having to visit your shop every-time.

2. Where are your Customers hanging out?

Finding out where your customers are spending a lot of there time will give you an idea on what channels to go down to reach them and where you need to promote. With social media being in most peoples lives these days are you promoting your business on these networks? Do you have a Facebook page setup? do you have a Twitter account so people can follow you?

3. Look at your Competitors Websites

You should always look at your competitors websites to see what they are doing that you are not. Could you improve on anything? Could you promote your products in a similar way? What do they post on social media networks? All these answers could help your website to gain potential customers. A popular way to gain likes on Facebook is to run a competition or to give away some of your products as prizes for people who share your Facebook page. This way it maybe a small outlay but it’s a much better gain in terms of traffic and followers to your website.

4. Website Blog

Having a website blog is a great way to keep people up to date with your latest goings on, You can blog about where you have been, Where you are going to be, such as at events, what have you been doing? You latest work? People like to see that there is a human behind the website and also like seeing behind the scenes!

Of course you can squeeze in the odd promotion or products of the month but don’t just spam your blog with them, as people will soon be put of and remember this can also be promoted on social networks building up your followers.

5. Pay Per Click Campaign’s

Pay per click (PPC) is a good way to get instant traffic to your website and when you site is relatively new it can be a good way to get customers and people to your store. The downside of this is the cost it can be costly depending on your keywords you aiming at but is defiantly an option to consider depending on your marking .